Twilight Mania!!

twilight volturi loose eyeshadow

Volturi Twilight loose eyeshadows: (l-r) in Frost, Dusk & Myth

Twilight mania is sweeping across the nation, with today being the opening day of the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn part 1. So I figured I’d do my part to contribute to cause (Because, ya know, dragging my fiance, sister & brother-in-law to the midnight showing of the movie while wearing a new Breaking Dawn t-shirt wasn’t enough) by doing my first makeup review on Twilight Volturi loose eyeshadow.

They are incredibly loose & airy (warning, potential for a big mess here) but have a surprising amount of color payoff. They are very very shiny, so much that the metallic sheen lends the shadow to not look very opaque. To add depth to the color and something for the shadow to stick to so it doesn’t flake off during the day, it definitely needs to be paired with a good primer. My faves are MAC paints or Urban Decay’s primer potion (Sin is my favorite UD primer).

I picked them up the shadows in 3 colors: Frost – snowy white shimmer, Dusk – deep metallic eggplant, Myth – gunmetal pewter . My favorite of the bunch is dusk (it’s front and center in my photo. check out what an insanely pretty color that is!). It’d look the best with Imaginary or Hyper Violet paint pots for maximum purple payoff. I picked up these shadows for a buck each at a work sample sale, and am so glad I did! I honestly got it cuz it’s very hard for me to resist Twilight ephemera, (guilty pleasure alert!) but they really are very pretty and wear well. And, what’s not to love with the cool names they have (though they aren’t as cool as the color names in my Tarte TrueBlood Palette. Maybe I can share that with you in a future post!). As is the problem with most of my makeup, I have so much of it that I rarely get around to using most of it. After being pulled from the depths blackhole that is my makeup collection, it should start getting regular circulation!

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