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Nude Nails

The nude trend is taking over, ladies! First it was the elusive nude lip everyone wanted, and then it was nude pumps (I finally got mine just a month ago). I have to say I’d been looking for a great nude polish for a while now. Nude but opaque, why was that so much to ask for? I finally found it in H&M of all places, for $4.95. I am pleasantly surprised by the even, smooth coverage of the store brand polish. Finished with a little Essie “Good to Go” it dried hard and quickly.

I love that a nude color makes your nails look clean and finished. I must admit I keep on looking at my hands because I swear my fingers look elongated. Very different for me as I love statement nails, whether they be black, hot pink, or metallic gold. Anyone else have a favorite nude polish? Would love your recommendations!

{update} it’s day 5 and this polish has just started to wear away at the ends – still no chips!! makes me crazy to think I spent 3x as much on my favorite red color (MAC Shirelle) which chipped on the very first day!

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