Weekend goodies from Sephora

Hello all! Hope you had a great weekend. Wanted to share 2 of the goodies I got this weekend, courtesy of my sister.

Guilty confession, I haven’t worn pencil eyeliner in 2 weeks because since I moved 3 months ago, I haven’t been able to find any of my makeup pencil sharpeners. I was considering buying the Urban Decay sharpener for $10, but my sister insisted the Sephora dual sharpener was just as good. This $5 gem sharpens regular and chubby pencils, and stores shavings in a clear compartment. It even features a little stick to help clear the gunk out of its very sharp blades. As you can see it sharpened my MAC engraved pencil without a problem, as well as my Urban Decay zero. You have to be careful sharpening these waterproof pencils because the formulas are very moist, and can get really mushy and create a big mess if your sharpener’s blades are dull.

I also happened to get this awesome Sephora brand concealer brush. It’s dense and soft and I can’t wait to use it. It also comes with this awesome cap that snaps around the brush and has a flat bottom so the brush can stand on end. The cap was definitely a bit fussy with how difficult it was to unsnap the latches on it, but nonetheless, a great great brush with a cool cap. Kudos to Sephora on the design of the brush; the etched brushed number (57) on the barrel and silver type with the name of the brush (proairbrush concealer), it feels very high end. It better be, for $24, but definitely worth it!

One thought on “Weekend goodies from Sephora

  1. Absolutely love the pro airbrush concealer brush from Sephora!! It blends the concealer extremely well, giving it the airbrush/flawless effect. Best concealer brush I’ve ever used.

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