views of the Hudson flooding our street

The effects of Sandy have been devastating for so many people. I’m very lucky to have lost power only for one day. Seeing the news coverage of the areas where Sandy unleashed its full fury have me feeling very very lucky. Also, very sad, and it seemed silly to be blogging about makeup.

Here are some shots of the Hudson River flooding our street. We are about 4 blocks from the waterfront, but watching the Hudson River pour onto our street was something even my wildest imagination couldn’t have made up. It came up to 4ft at its highest, but most of it had gone by the next morning. I finally ventured into NY to work on Friday via the ferry. Terribly long lines and wait then and today, but so thankful to even be able to make it into work, and then back to my home in tact today. I hope you all are staying warm!

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