TGIF tip

TGIF tip #2

Happy Friday! It is especially awesome because today is the opening day of the last film in the Twilight series. I actually managed to stay up late enough and catch a midnight showing last night. The film was a lot of fun, and, like most of you I’m sure, I have Twilight on the brain today! Glitter is a component in the film, as the undead characters’ skin glitters in the sunlight like crushed diamonds. So for today’s TGIF tip, I’ll show how to wear glitter in a grown up way, without looking like one of the teens from the movie theatre last night!

Ground any metallic eyeshadow or glitter by layering a dark base underneath. It will add dimension to the look and prevent your eyes from looking like disco balls! You can use any creamy pencil or eyeshadow base. My recommend MAC paintpot in groundwork (brown) or background (black).

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