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OPI Haul

Hi There! Wanted to share my OPI haul from the weekend. This is what I got:

Top row, left to right: Moon Over Mumbai, Save Me, Metallic 4 life, Black Onyx. On the bottom is a ridge filler.

I knew I needed to restock my polish stash with a basic black, and I also wanted to try the ridge filler. I’ve never used a basecoat in my life, and I’m hoping it’ll give a nice smooth texture to my nails which seems achieved only at salons. The 2 sparkly shades were impulse buys, as they were too pretty to resist picking up.  Save me is a fun silver-rainbow glitter that has super fine specks. Metallic 4 Life is a coarse pewter glitter in a black polish. I have yet to try on any of the shades thus far mentioned, but was quick to try Moon Over Mumbai. The first bottle pictured on the top left, tt was the wild card of the lot. OPI very aptly describes it as a soft moonlit grey. It is a very soft grey that can be considered a nude, but still has a brightness too it. I’ve never had such a soft shimmery color be so opaque and I LOVE it! I’ve never worn a light grey polish before, so I can’t help but keep looking at my hands in this new tone. I think it’s my new any-time neutral color. Can’t wait to show you pics of how it looks =)

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