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best tweezers in the world


So far, you’ll note that most of my posts  have been about hidden gems at the drugstore’s beauty section, or tips about how to get the most out of the products you already have. Well, now is the time to embrace every single one of those money-saving, value-adding tips because today I’m here to talk about a serious splurge.

MAC is known for their seriously pigmented products that come in every color under the sun. But, did you know that they make the world’s best tweezers known to man? (Well, atleast to me ) At $33 it definitely qualifies for the splurge category, but I absolutely have not found any better. They’re so precise, they can grasp the finest most thin hair you can find. Even the hubbs runs to grab these, for manly purposes of course (like pulling a splinter). I have had mine for 6 years, which breaks down to 5 1/2 dollars per year of use. You can see in the picture that the black paint has come off just a touch around the edges, but they are still just as sharp and precise as the day I got them.

I was cleaning up my eyebrows after vowing to never post another eye tutorial without having manicured brows, and thought I’d share with you the awesomeness of this product. If you’re in need of a good pair, try it out! And if there are some other tweezers out there that are out of this world amazing, let me know!

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