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TGIF tip #7

Hello there! I know I got a little excited to get a start on the holiday weekend today, but didn’t want to go to bed without posting today’s TGIF tip! Today I’m sharing a tip on how to get smooth soft lips even if winter has been drying them out. Smooth exfoliated lips are especially important this season if you’re doing a bright holiday lip such as a red. Here are the two steps and you are well on your way to the perfect holiday lip!

lip exfoliating tools

1) Before going to sleep, apply your favorite lip balm/chapstick. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just something that works. I personally am addicted to Blistex. 2) The next morning when you’re in the bathroom, use your toothbrush to give your lips a quick scrub. You’ll be amazed with how soft and smooth your lips are!

I know Smashbox & MAC both sell lip exfoliating treatments, but really, the steps I just mentioned are all you need! (And they’re free to you!) If your lips aren’t really so dry that they hurt, but are just a little uneven in texture, you can just skip the first step and proceed to gently brush the skin buildup off. This prep is a MUST for wearing a bold lip color. You have got to try this out! Let me know how you like it.

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