TGIF tip

TGIF tip #9

I know I know, I still haven’t set up my TGIF posts to autopost, so instead of getting them on Fridays it’s actually been Saturdays. I promise with the New Year I’m going to try harder to be better! Today’s TGIF tip comes to you after my sister in law was surprised why I did my eye makeup first on New Year’s Eve.

When doing a dramatic eye look, skip the foundation/face makeup and do the eyes first! This way, after the eyes are complete, you can wipe away the pesky fallout easily that would have otherwise disturbed your previously perfect application of  foundation/concealer.

I learned this first at MAC more than 5 years ago, and have been doing my makeup this way ever since. Try it out – it’ll totally change the way you look at your makeup routine!

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