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OPI haul

Hello there, wanted to share the new OPI goodies my sister got me!

In the top left photo, you’ll see all the new products I got. Listed in order, clockwise:

1) OPI Original Polish Remover


3) OPI Avoplex High-Intensity Hand & Nail Cream

4) OPI Don’t Talk Bach to Me nailpolish

To use my new polish, I started off by using the remover shown to take off my old one. Taking off any glitter polish is a pain in the butt, but this remover did so with two swipes and a bit of scrubbing. I wasn’t sure if there was anything too fancy about this remover, but when I felt my nails afterwards, I knew! Because the remover has aloe vera it and left my nails soo soft. They were moisturized and didn’t have that gross dry feeling after using regular remover. Also, because it’s a low-acetone formula with very little odor, it didn’t make my eyeballs feel like they were on fire. Definitely an awesome product that will amaze me even more next time, when I use it to remove a non-glitter polish.

Now that my polish was off, I was ready to use my new one! As you see in the top right photo, the color is a muted spring green. It has flecks of a subtle yellow that reflect shine beautifully. Definitely would’ve looked prettier on me if my skin was more tanned. I’d never tried a color like this before – and though the color isn’t my fave, it is soft, and not over the top like I thought it might be. The formula yielded a solid application that was opaque by the second coat., but too bad that gold flecks didn’t show up more. You’ll see the shot on the bottom is of all the products that were used to achieve my nail look, which included (left to right) OPI ridge filler, Julep glitter polish in Carly (the turquoise used only on my ring fingers), today’s new green polish and Essie Good to Go fast dry topcoat.
I’d read that you shouldn’t apply hand cream before painting your nails – that polish won’t stick to your nails quite as well. So, I waited until after my nails were all done and dried to use hand cream. I have not yet used the Jasmine hand & body one. However, the High Intensity Hand & Nail Cream (in the white tube) is awesome! It’s moisturizing and not greasy at all. Also doesn’t leave behind any residue on your skin. I even have the hubs using it on his hands. His have been painfully dry this season, so I’m hoping it will work for him!

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