TGIF tip

TGIF tip #10

Happy Friday! This has been an especially mentally and physically draining week, so I could not be happier Friday is here. For any of you with exciting plans this weekend, I hope today’s tip will add more dimension and depth to your smokey eye!

The basics of eye makeup break down your eye makeup to lid, crease, highlight etc… but do you know what a crease transition color is? Use a warm shadow that’s a slightly darker tone than your skin; placing it above your crease shade yields a soft transition from your crease to highlight. Something that is often overlooked, it not only blends out any dark/harsh colors in the crease, but also adds depth to give your makeup a more professional look.

To show you the dramatic difference from using a crease transition vs not, check out the difference between these looks:


In the first look, that strong smokey eye with no crease transition could be a great for a fashion or editorial look. But on an everyday person? Not so much. In the second look, check out the warm glow emanating from that smokey eye. World of a difference, I think.

Not sure what shadow to use? For lighter to medium skin tones, try a shadow that’s on the peachy or light brown side. For example, MAC’s Samoa Silk or Soba. For medium to darker skin tones, try a darker brown shadow that’s on the orangey side, like MAC’s Kid or Cork. Let me know if you try it out!

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