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using Monistat anti-chafing gel on my face – really

So while the whole Monistat thing might throw you off, I came to find out some very interesting information about it on YouTube. Alot of women were saying that the anti-chafing gel is a duplicate for Smashbox photofinish primer. A big fan of the Smashbox primer, I was willing to wager a fraction of its cost to try to find something similar.

The Smashbox primer is velvety soft cream that dries down to a powdery finish. The creamy silicone formula goes in and fills in pores and fine lines so your foundation has an even surface to sit on. Basically by filing in those shallow lines and pores, your foundation doesn’t get any opportunity to settle into those spaces. It’s a totally awesome product, but for $36 an ounce, it’s rough on the wallet!


Enter the Monistat anti-chafing gel. Unable to find it at Rite Aid, I finally found it at Walmart in the ‘feminine care’ aisle by the pharmacy. At under $6, I figured for $4 an ounce I can afford to try it out. Its ingredients list is quite similar to Smashbox. But when I squeezed some out and applied it on my face, it felt identical! The texture was wet to the touch and silky smooth. I’m not one of those people who uses foundation primer just for its texture, so I waited till it dried down and then put it to the test by applying my foundation. It beats me why alot of people use foundation primer  without foundation on top, just for that smooth feeling on  your face. Not too many people (I don’t think so) will randomly go around touching your face, and it won’t make a visible difference at all – so why bother, right?

My foundation applied smoothly, and fast forward to the end of the  night – it looked just as fresh when first applied. Consider this experiment a success – it prevented my foundation from settling into fine lines, did not break me out, and being $4/oz makes me a happy camper!

My sister wasn’t quite as happy as I was to hear about this find She begged me not to post it on my blog because it’s weird, and that there are drug store brands that make proper makeup primers. But, I really couldn’t be happier about this find. Maybe when this runs out, I’ll try the Hard Candy face primer that was also at Walmart, for $8.. but till then I have no problem applying a (non-medicinal) Monistat product on my face 🙂 I don’t know who the brave soul was to first try this on their face (how many people are gutsy enough to try random crap on their faces!) but I am so thankful for it!


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