first bridal show booked!


Hi All!
I’m very excited to tell you that I’ve signed up to be a vendor at my very first bridal show! It’s a smaller scaled bridal seminar being held by an event planning company in Central New Jersey. They keep it exclusive and intimate so that the couples can actually speak with all of the vendors. There are slots for only 15 couples, but I think the small scale is great for my first show.

I’ve never ever done this sort of thing, as my makeup business has been working for the past 6 years by word of mouth and referrals only. The $150 vendor registration fee totally threw me off, but the hubbs insisted it would be a good investment. Basically up until now the only investments I’ve made into my business is the actual makeup I purchase. And, well, my invaluable time to getting my website and Facebook page going and updating 🙂

The seminar is this Sunday afternoon, and crazy thing is that I’m already booked to do makeup that morning for an engagement shoot. I am having my assistant makeup artist get to the seminar to set up for me since I will most likely be running 15 mins late with the hour drive from the makeup done at noon to the seminar at 1!

One of the lucky brides in attendance will win a free 20-minute makeup demo with me to showcase my skills to the group. I’m still not sure yet what I want to do for the demo, but I’m thinking Sanaa could do airbrush and I could do my 2-minute smokey eye plus false lash application. The false lashes could get tricky, so maybe only do corner.

With only 3 days till the event, and only 1 day left to make use of my work printer, I’m hurrying to put together my info and make promo pieces to give at the seminar. I’m coming up with a price list of packaged bundles exclusive to the attendees. And, I think I’ve come up with a pretty unique give away in lieu of a gift bag for them to remember me by! I’m busy assembling them today, but more on those to come!

For all you bridal show veterans – vendors or brides, got any tips or suggestions? They’d be greatly appreciated!

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