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Drugstore Chronicles #2

So today is day 2 of trying out drugstore products in hopes that I might find something that measures up to high end product without the hefty pricetag. I am reviewing the ELF dual end eye primer which I picked up at Target for $3.  Currently for eye primer I use UDPP in Sin or Greed, but with my with my new found interest in matte shadows, I’m definitely looking for something without shimmer. I know I love the thickness and texture of MAC’s paintpots, and it’s amazing ability to stay crease-free on me. But, for $3, I couldn’t pass up trying this ELF primer that youtubers have been raving about.


It’s a dual-ended product with a lipstick style lid primer on one end and liner sealer on the other. The liner sealer is supposed to transform any eyeshadow into a waterproof eyeliner, though I haven’t gotten to try it yet. The consistency of the primer is amazing. So soft and buttery, and it has a yellow tone that really neutralized and brightened the darkness that is on my lids. The first time I used it, I didn’t put enough on – fearing that if I used too much the  creamy consistency would cause it to crease. This morning, I used the stick similar to a crayon, liberally shading it in from lid to brow bone. I topped it off with a few colors from my Kat Von D palette, my UD 24/7 pencil in Zero, and my Smashbox lash primer and Lancome Hypnose doll lashes mascara. I was then off to a full work day, and let time do its thing. I couldn’t wait to see how my eyemakeup held up by the end of the day.


Turns out I didn’t have to wait that long. By lunch time, my shadow was completely creased. I really, really wanted to love this if it could be a cheaper version of MAC soft ochre paintpot or UDPP in eden. But, it just doesn’t hold up the way those do: flawlessly. My shadow didn’t fade at all, it just creased. So, I think the verdict is that if you have dry skin/eyelids and your eyeshadow tends to fade, then this is the product for you. If you have oily eyelids such as myself, then you’re out of luck. Though this didn’t work out for me, I have high hopes of eventually trying the Maybelline color tattoo cream shadow as a base. But for now, I’ll be off to give my nearest MAC counter $18.50.

2 thoughts on “Drugstore Chronicles #2

    • I’ve tried the Too Faced and actually don’t like it – it’s too runny. I like a thicker texture with a more opaque formula, like MAC’s paintpots. Never tried the MUFE!

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