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Drugstore Chronicles #3

Hello there! I’m back with another attempt to find out whether drugstore products exist that are comparable or better than high end ones. Today’s contender is ELF’s Studio Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder in Turks & Caicos, which I picked up from target for $3.

Its packaging is almost identical to the NARS Blush/Bronzer Duo in Orgasm/Laguna. NARS’ due of their best selling blush and bronzer comes with a hefty price tag, at $38. So, at 92% cheaper than the NARS, I couldn’t pass up giving ELF’s a try.

While at first glance they look very similar, the ELF blush has much more sparkle. NARS orgasm is this beautiful universally flattering peachy-pink, while ELF’s blush is more on the lighter pink side. It’s also less pigmented so I really had to pack on a bit more than I normally would with a MAC or NARS blush. I’ve been wearing it a few days now, and applying it with or without a primer hasn’t made a difference in regards to how much the blush fades by the end of the day. Only today has it stood up to a 9 hour day – by layering an Urban Decay creme blush underneath ( there color is Bang in case you were wondering). Otherwise, it’s been getting splotchy and fading on the other days. Unfortunately, despite all my attempts at setting this blush, there is alot of shimmer that deposits all over my cheeks throughout the day. So though it was carefully applied in the morning and the shimmer was softly highlighting my cheeks; by mid day I have sparkles all over my face.

Both blush and bronzer are dry and powdery, lending themselves to a chalky application. The bronzer doesn’t seem to fade quite as much, but I’m actually not a fan of the color. A bronzer should warm you up and add depth to your makeup look. But, ELF’s bronzer is very muddy. I’d seen similar complaints on the internet, but I figured because my skin tone is far from fair that it wouldn’t be a problem (I’m a MAC NC35). When I had it on, even my husband noticed my skin looked different. He kept referring to my face looking really makeup-y and dark.

I really do think ELF did a great job with the packaging and size of the product. The blush/bronzer duo comes in 2 more colors, so maybe down the road I may be willing to try the others out. For now, I’ll put this aside, and save it for when I have to throw on some quick makeup before I run out to the supermarket or something.

2 thoughts on “Drugstore Chronicles #3

  1. Just a request, maybe you can show us pictures of your make up freshly applied in the morning and then 10 hours later? Or maybe do picture comparison of how high end NARS looks vs low end ELF looks? Sorry, I just feel seeing the results rather than reading about it help drive the point across.

    • Thanks for the feedback, Sania! I’m still new to the blogging thing and taking good pictures of makeup is so hard! I’d definitely rather have a few good pictures than a bunch of bad ones. I will definitely keep your suggestion in mind for the future. In the meantime, I hope the readers (all 4 of them lol) will bare with me and take my word on my reviews 🙂

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