TGIF tip

TGIF tip #11

Hello there! Have some eyeshadows in your collection that you don’t love? Or wishing you had a certain funky colored eyeliner but not sure if you should invest in it? I’m excited to share this tip on how to turn any shadow into an eyeliner.

“Wet an angled liner brush with a few drops of contact lens solution or eyedrops. Dip the wet eyeliner brush into eyeshadow and use as an eyeliner”

Make sure you’re dipping your wet brush on the same spot along the outer rim of your eyeshadow. Sometimes wetting your shadow can causes a crust on them, so by wetting the same spot each time you can still use the rest of it as a regular shadow when you want to. Hope you enjoyed the tip and have a great weekend. Let me know if you try this out!


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