TGIF tip

TGIF tip #13

Hello there! Hope you all are faring well with the blizzard that hit today. I know I for one love having inclement weather as an excuse to stay in for the weekend. But, in case you have a special event to go to, today’s TGIF tip will go over some pointers on how to make sure your makeup still looks great!

If you’ll be outside any more than just walking to and from the car, please keep these 2 points in mind.

1) Moisturize! Make sure your face is well moisturized. I’d recommend to follow it up with a foundation primer so that the moisture basically gets locked in, before proceeding with the rest of your makeup. The harsh temperatures and fierce winds severely dry out the skin, which is why you get those red patches. Keep in mind the UV rays are extra strong reflected off the snow, so a moisturizer with SPF is advisable.

2) Cream products are your friend. With the inevitable dry skin associated with this nasty weather, comes faded makeup! Switch over to a cream blush and cream shadow/shadow primer, followed by their powder counterparts on top. It will really set the color in and prevent your makeup from fading away to blotchy nothingness amidst the flurries.

3) Waterproof mascara is also your friend. Since your nose will be so prone to running in this weather, the last thing you want is mascara that’s run down your eyes so people think you’ve been crying! Waterproof/resistant eyeliner would also be a good idea if you have it.

I hope someone benefits from these tips. Stay warm, and have a great weekend!

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