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It’s great to be in NYC!

Hello there! I hope you all are having a great week so far. I am just getting over a crazy weekend where my husband had the flu and I have step! Blah! But, we are feeling better and I can finally share a little bit about the bridal makeup I did last Thursday. I had the pleasure of doing Carolyn’s wedding makeup early in the morning before I went to work. She was so fun to talk to – she knows so much about celebrity makeup artists and new makeup brands. Coming from the UK , she chose NYC as the destination for her wedding. I only had time to snap a few details, but I can’t wait for the pro pics! I’m so grateful to have gotten to work with her – only in New York could I do someone’s wedding makeup in the morning, and then walk 3 blocks to get to my job.

Hotel Eventi, NYC

details from Carolyn’s wedding makeup

Also makes me think back to another instance about a month ago, that also made me appreciate being in NY. I signed up for Bumble & Bumble’s model project – which basically let’s you get your hair cut, colored, or styled for free! A few months ago I signed up for a Model Call where they assessed my hair in person. My long(ish) and thick hair made me eligible for any haircut or styling, but not color because it’s too dark. I booked an appointment for a round brush blow dry, and attended it a few months back. Imagine having someone spend 2 hours blow drying your hair! The care and attention they gave to my hair was something it’s definitely gotten before. Even before washing my hair they assessed exactly which shampoo and conditioner would be best for my hair. A cool trick was they used conditioner just along my hairline to tame the baby hairs a bit.

Inside Bumble & Bumble’s pro studio

Well just a few weeks ago, I enjoyed a complimentary haircut at Bumble & Bumble! I hadn’t gotten a cut in more than a year, so it was about time. The technique taught in the class was long-layers razor, where they cut my hair without using any scissors at all! I definitely dig the softness that created, but just wish I could’ve had more input in the style of my haircut. All the students in the class had to exhibit a mastery of this very specific cut, so we all basically walked out with the same haircut. And, I definitely got more than a little antsy sitting there for 2 hours. I guess I didn’t notice it so much in the blow-dry class because my hair was being massaged and pampered. If you are in NY, and willing to lose 2-3 inches, I definitely recommend giving the Bumble & Bumble model project a try! The only downside is that all the sessions are M-F between the hours of 9 & 5. Definitely worth taking a long lunch for the free services!

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