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TGIF tip #14 – better late than never?

Hello there! Since last Friday was spent with my husband being in the ER for his high fevers associated with the flu, I had no time to post my weekly TGIF tip. Now that I’m getting around to writing it, I hope you’ll think that it’s better late than never 🙂

So for this TGIF tip, I’d like to share with you something that will not only have your makeup looking good, but also save you some cash! When buying makeup, I always recommend going for a product that’s highly pigmented, and maybe even much brighter than you’re used to. Use only a touch of it and blend it out very well. Your product will last you so much longer because you’ll be using so little of it!

Light application of Urban Decay’s cream blush in Bang

My Urban Decay blush is a great example of this. The bright orange color Bang is very bright in the pan, but by literally dabbing it only once on each cheek and blending it out, I’m able to get a sheer wash of color. Buying a brighter color yields great versatility as I can achieve 2 looks with it, depending on how much I blend or build it. You can see that I’m hitting the pan with this blush – goes to show how much use I’m getting out of it because of the variety of looks I can use it for! Thank god for getting so much use out of a makeup product that I’m actually finishing it!

Do you like cream blush? Have you ever tried Urban Decay’s? Here’s a link to them – check them out if you haven’t before. A few of their colors are currently 50% off, including my blush Bang. Since I’ve hit the pan on mine, maybe it’s time for me to replenish!

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