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TGIF tip #15

Hi There!

Sorry for the unplanned hiatus. Some of you may know that I’m a full-time graphic designer, and on the side I love designing invitations. Well I became very busy this week trying putting together a website to launch my stationary business! More info to come on that when I’m ready to go public with it 🙂 For now, let’s get on to this Friday’s tip, about foundation.


Foundation is truly the canvas for the rest of your makeup. No matter how cool of an eye look you do, or what a great blush color you have – the wrong foundation color will make everything look a little off. So, here’s a tip on how to find the right shade!

When choosing a foundation color, stripe it along your jaw – NOT ON YOUR HAND! Your hands are typically much darker than your face. While your jaw is usually a midtone for the lightest and darkest parts of your face. (My forehead is much darker than my cheeks.) Find a color you think works? Try one shade lighter and one shade darker on either side of it. The winner should melt away into your skin, to the point that you can’t tell where it was placed. Determining from ahead of time whether your skin has pink (mac NW) or yellow (mac NC) undertones will help in finding your correct match alot faster.

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