Hi there!

I know I rarely get to post on the weekends, but I am so excited to be getting an ombre done today! I know alot of people do DIY ombres, but as someone who has never trimmed her own bangs, and is now officially too scared to even use a curling iron (have you seen this video?!), I figured it’d be best left to the professionals.

I’d been thinking about it for a long time, and became very inspired to go through with it after reading Miss Natty’s post about how she did her own. For those of you who are brave enough to DIY it, she definitely has alot of good tips in her post.

Her hair which I love, is a gentle gradient from dark brown/almost black roots to blonde tips.

More great inspiration is

I think what makes these great is that midtone color in the gradient that gently blends the darkest and lightest shades. I hate when people skimp on that mid-blending tone. Putting just one light shade on the ends of their hair isn’t an ombre, people, that’s considered frosted tips! For people with lightness just at the ends, Mark McGrath is calling, and he wants his 90’s hairstyle back!

I think ombre is a funky way to add some dimension and fun to your look. What do you think – would you ever do it? Can’t wait to report back how it goes!

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