My Ombre

So, some of you may be wondering how 2 days has gone by and I haven’t reported back the awesome results of getting an ombre done. Well, that’s because the results weren’t so awesome. My biggest fear came true, and I ended up getting an ombre that goes from black to blonde with little transition. You may be wondering why I allowed myself to leave the salon with skunk hair, but here are the circumstances that lead to my ombre’s downfall:

  • The girl who did my hair had never done an ombre before.
  • Turns out that when non-black hair is wet, it looks darker. I didn’t realize since my black hair is black when wet or dry. The color looked considerably darker before the blow dry.
  • After the blow dry was finished (which was the best blowdry of my life ironically), it was 5:30, and the salon had technically closed at 5. I was the only customer there, and mind you I had gotten there at 1:15 for my 1:30 appointment. I was definitely in no mood to stay there for another hour.
  • And for some reason, I always think that I might like the hair better when I get home – when time after time that’s never the case.

Without further adieu, here is what my hair looks like:


I must admit, I was contemplating wearing a hat to work this morning, and attempted a tucked under updo to conceal the lightened ends. I honestly would’ve never posted this picture, but it’s grown on me a little bit. A few people came up to me at work today to tell me they liked my hair, so that definitely boosted my comfort level with the hair. I was afraid it looked like I’d just grown out a completely blonde dye job,  but I am liking the brightness it brings to my face. And for some reason it looks alot better with some blush on. I guess a little blush can make anything better.

Why my appointment wasn’t with someone who’s done it before, that was the luck of the draw I guess. It is a relatively new coloring style, and everybody’s got to start somewhere. I’m okay with that because of how how detailed and neat she was and how she kept asking for advice and input from others at the salon who had done this before. She even on her own decided to offer me a curled blowout even though it would require her to stay later than the salon’s hours. But in the end, she didn’t choose and apply a dark enough color to provide a soft ombre transition between the dark and light colors in my hair.


So, I took an appointment to get my hair fixed tomorrow. The plan is to to get add some dark brown color in between the black and the blonde, to give a smooth color transition. Hopefully  it looks like my inspiration images, above, and I have great news to report back tomorrow. Wish me luck!

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