Update on my Ombre

Okay folks, sorry if any of you have been waiting for an update. Didn’t mean to build up the suspense, but I LOVE my ombre now. It’s as dramatic as I wanted it –  black on top, blonde on the tips, and brown to blend it in the middle. My first appointment on Saturday was 4 hours, when the middle color didn’t show up dark enough and my hair basically went from black to blonde. The skunk hair look was not cute. On Tuesday I went to get it fixed, and had a darker brown color put in the middle of my natural and colored hair to blend it a bit. The brown still wasn’t dark enough, and the salon owner had the hairdresser redo it! At the end of the night, and 3 hours later, I walked out with hair color I loved. The only think I might change if I get it done again when it grows out is to have the colors placed a bit higher. I’m afraid that in one or 2 trims the lightest parts of the color will be chopped away completely! But for now, I am loving the dimension the color has added to my hair. The lightest color sort of matches my hazel eyes and has softened up the look of my hair so much. This is exactly how I wanted my hair, and for some reason, having the lighter tones in my hair really makes my blush pop! (But please don’t mind the fact that I’m not wearing any makeup at all in the attached photos!) I know people either love or hate the look, but I think ombre is such a fun way to add some color and requires such minimal maintenance! Without further adieu, check out these pics of my hair.

ombre1 ombre2

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