TGIF tip

TGIF tip # 17

Hi there! I’ve had quite a few things going on lately, and am so happy to be getting back to writing on the blog. Today I have a tip about putting mascara on your bottom lashes:

Holding your mascara wand vertically, use the tip of it to apply mascara to your bottom lashes. Start at the base of the lashes and work your way down to the tip. To avoid spider-y bottom lashes, do this using only the product left on the wand after applying mascara to your top lashes. Don’t forget to do this to the itty bitty lashes closest to your tear duct on your top lash line, too!


Mascara: Benefit’s They’re Real

I definitely do recommend doing your bottom lashes even for a daytime look. I feel like they’re often forgotten and really balance out your eye area as a whole. I personally wouldn’t do it right after dipping the wand into the the mascara tube, but if it’s a dramatic look you’re going for, give it a try!

Do you put mascara on your lower lash line? Let me know if you try this method out. Have a great weekend!

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