Makeup Show NYC: Inglot Studio event

Exactly a week ago I head the pleasure of attending an exclusive event at Inglot Cosmetics’ pro studio in the Chelsea market, NYC.

As a part of The Makeup Show NYC’s pre-show event series, Inglot was one of the many brands taking part in The Makeup Show that invited makeup artists into their studio to give some insight to the brand and share a little bit about what they’ll be bringing to the show. While I was hoping we’d get some tips or tricks about their products, or a discount that night, we did find out about a new product they’ll be launching at the makeup show. Though I don’t have the specifics, their new sport line is a mattifying line supposedly able to stand up in even the most sweaty situations.

director of artistry for The Makeup Show, James Vincent – talking about Inglot’s new Sport line to be unveiled at the show in May

It was ¬†definitely very cool to visit their pro studio which I had no idea even existed. For those of you unfamiliar with it, Polish brand Inglot came to the states 2 years ago and offers a full spectrum and then some of all beauty products. Comparable to MAC, I would say that their color selection is even better, and their price point is that of drugstore makeup. Their pro studio was definitely a makeup artist’s dream, with an insane range of spectrum for each and every product. I’d warn makeup enthusiasts/makeup artists before going, as you’d most likely be walking out with bags and bags of products later.

freedom system shadow palettes

more freedom system (there is too much for just one photo!)

A favorite brand of mine, though very little known in the US, I’ve only seen their makeup at Macy’s Herald Square. My favorite item from the brand? Their freedom palette eyeshadows.

Inglot counter at Macy’s Herald Square

You can pick up the shadows for $6/each and then purchase the palette separately, so you could build a 10-palette full of shadows for $76, pricing it out at less than $8 a shadow, less than half the cost of MAC ones. And the best part? You don’t even have to a stand-alone Inglot store to build a custom palette. Unlike MAC, you can build your own palette at a counter inside Macy’s instead of trekking over to a standalone store.

As you can see, their freedom system also contains customizable palettes for powder, blush, concealer and lipstick. Have you had any experience with Inglot cosmetics? Let me know what you think. And if you haven’t tried them before, get to your nearest counter and check it out!

Inglot Pro Studio, Chelsea Market NYC

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