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TGIF tip #18

Hello there! Sorry it didn’t make it on here yesterday, but I wanted to share the proper way to store makeup removing wipes. Often you’ll find that the ones on top are dried out, and the ones on the bottom are way too wet! This little tip will save you lots of dollars by preventing them from drying out and having to buy new ones.

“Extend the life of your makeup wipes by storing them upside down. This will keep the ones closest to the opening-flap from drying out, since they will be collecting the moisture on the bottom. And, the ones furthest away from the opening-flap won’t be collecting excess moisture.”

the wrong way!

the right way to keep your makeup wipes fresh!

Is there a makeup wipe that you love? I personally don’t have any favorites myself, and am just trying out these Neutrogena ones for the first time! Let me know if you have any suggestions. Have a great weekend!

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