Belated Mother’s Day!

Hi there! I hope all of you had a great Mother’s Day weekend. I know perfume, makeup and skincare have always been my go-to gifts for Mother’s Day. Let’s moms indulge in a bit of pampering that they may not always get treated to. I wanted to share an initial review of the beauty products I was so excited to gift to my mom!

Divorcee, maneater.. yikes

Though the names of the colors in this palette might not make you think of your mom right away, one look at the palette and I knew this palette was a perfect fit for mine. The Return of Sexy Eyeshadow Palette by Too Faced has 15 super wearable colors that I knew my mom would enjoy wearing. What I love most is that it has the shadows in 3 color-coordinated groupings so my not-so-makeup-savvy mom won’t have to do too much guesswork to determine which colors to use together. There’s even a cute information tucked behind the mirror, showing how to do 6 different looks – one daytime and one nighttime look with each of the shadow groups.

The raised scrolls & frame around the edges yielded awesome feel-appeal

The palette feels really substantial and just looking at it, it looks well worth the money in my opinion. It sort of boggles my mind when expensive shadow palettes are packaged so flimsily. So it was nice to see how well done the packaging is. Makes for a great gift, and being that it comes with an eyeliner and a shadow primer, it would work well for travel, too!

Since good makeup looks even better on good skin, I also gifted her the Clinique Dark Spot corrector. I had been doing some research to figure out what would be best to treat my mom’s sun & age spots.. and it just so happens that the Clinique one happened to be in the gift basked I won at a raffle at work. I mean, what are the odds?! With almost 1800 reviews on, it scored 4 out of 5 stars. I definitely lucked out that I happened to win this $50 serum. Now I’m just hoping that my mom actually sticks to using this twice a day!

My mom loved the gifts, and all in all we had a great day. I hope you all had a great Mother’s Day as well. I want to end this post by sharing this super cute Mother’s Day video Almay did with Kate Hudson and her mom Goldie Hawn. Enjoy!

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