Wanna Know Wednesday

Wanna know Wednesday – #2

Welcome back to the 2nd week of the Wanna Know Wednesday segment. Thank you for those of you who submitted questions last week. No question is too small or random, and I’m pretty sure that somebody else out there will be wondering the same thing! This segment totally depends on reader interaction, so I hope you’ll participate! Post your questions below, and check back next week for the answers! Without further ado, here’s the answers to the questions submitted last week:

Sania asked, “What are good lipstick shades that would suit people with darker skin tones, such as South Asians to achieve the nude lip?”

Answer: The ‘nude lip’ is a great summer look, and pairs well with a dark smoky eye. A ‘nude lip’ color is one that is so subtle that it looks like your lips could naturally look that good. Because it’s supposed to be similar to your natural lip color, finding the right nude lip color is totally dependent on each person’s skin tone. For South Asian skin tones, stay away from that creme beige, and instead opt for a dull pink or brown hued color. Some MAC lipsticks that come to mind are:

Dull pink – Cherish, Cosmo, Blankety, Velvet Teddy, Hug Me

Brown hues – Freckletone, Half n Half, High Tea, Fresh Brew

Aqua asked, “How to achieve a flawless foundation look that is at the same time natural (not fake) looking?”

Answer: The most important factor to have your foundation looking natural is making sure it is a good match to your natural skin color. Tips on finding a good match were mentioned in a previous post found here. Secondly, it’s all about what you’re using to apply it. I recommend a synthetic bristled brush. A classic foundation brush such as this at Sephora is good, but I like a duo-fibre one such as this best. Using small circular motions to blend the foundation makes it easy for even a beginner to achieve a flawless finish.

Rafia asked, “What are good product recommendations that offer staying power in the waterline?”

Answer: So I have good news and bad news. The bad: everyone’s water lines have different resistance, so what works for some, doesn’t for others. The good: there are quite a few products that work for many people, as well as some tried and true tricks for getting liner to stay in the waterline. First, the tricks:

• Use eyeshadow primer under the lowers lash line to prevent product from the waterline from bleeding out.
• After lining the waterline, gently go over it with eyeshadow to set it.
Those tips will add to the staying power of whichever liner you use to line the waterline. Some of the longest wearing liners I’d recommend are : Urban Decay persuasion, MAC feline, Inglot gel liner, Milani liquid eye (pencil), Maybelline master drama.
I hope some of you have benefitted from this advice. Please let me know if any of you use these tips, and how it works out!

Have a beauty question you’ve always wanted to know the answer to? Each Wednesday I’ll take your questions, and also post the answers to the ones submitted the previous week. The questions can be submitted each Wednesday by posting it as a comment on my Wanna Know Wednesday post on Facebook  (www.facebook.com/makeupbyneda), or as a comment to my Wanna Know Wednesday post right here.

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