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TGIF tip #20

Happy Friday! Fridays in the summer are especially awesome because they are half days for me at work… so on some Fridays I can take advantage of the head start on the weekend and go on a trip – like today! We will be off to a hotel/resort in New Hampshire, a state that I’ve never ever been! My sister, brother-in-law, and adorable 1 year old niece will also be joining me and the hubbs, so definitely looking forward to spending some quality time with them.

While I’m packing up my essentials for the trip, today’s TGIF tip will be explaining why you won’t see me carrying face wash on a trip again! If you’re like me, you have a big bottle of face wash that you use at home. And if you want to go away, you buy the small liquid containers because of the travel restriction on liquids. And whether you do take your full size bottle or use those small containers, they can leak! Not so much fun pulling out your makeup bag when you arrive at your destination and have leaked face wash everywhere!

“The days of having to travel with leaky face wash are long gone. Travel with Olay Facial cloths instead! Wet them with water and rub together to lather. Use to cleanse off all the makeup from your face – all you need is one wipe to remove even your heaviest face of makeup! Rinse your face off with water and voila!”

They are basically wash cloths with cleanser in them, that need to be activated with water.  This has seriously got to be one of the best products I’ve bought in a long time.  In the past, the only alternative to traveling with face wash was using makeup removing wipes. I never liked those wipes because they always leave behind a residue on my skin, or sting my super sensitive eyes. And if you weren’t careful about storing them properly (as mentioned in a previous TGIF tip) they’d dry out!

I think I bought a big pack of 66 from amazon for under $11 shipped. You can pickup a smaller pack of 33 for $6 – I definitely suggest you give it a try! Since having gotten them a month ago, they are a staple for travel, even if I’m just staying over one night somewhere.

Since you don’t have to worry about them drying out, I take a few and stick them in a ziploc bag. I know in the past if I was staying over somewhere for a night, I’d just be lazy about packing a face wash because the potential of it leaking wasn’t worth the trouble just for one night. But then when I’d go to wash my makeup off that night, my skin would be cursing me as I scrubbed it with whatever soap was available.

Have you tried these out before? As I mentioned, this is probably one of the best beauty products I’ve ever purchased  – the idea is genius, works great, and is so inexpensive. If you do go and try it out, let me know what you think! Have a great weekend!

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