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4th of July weekend makeup

Hi there! I hope you all had a great 4th of July weekend. Having 4 days off from work was so relaxing and amazing! I feel so re-energized, figured it would be a great time to finally write a post after so long. My weekend consisted bbq & fireworks on ‘Murica’s birthday, doing wedding makeup in the morning and evening Friday, attending a wedding on Saturday, and entertaining some friends on Sunday at my place. It was jam packed, but I’m feeling great!

So, on to the details about Friday’s wedding makeup. It was the largest bridal party whose makeup I’ve done – 8! I  did 4, and my makeup assistant did the other 4. We both also worked on the bride, whose airbrush my assistant did, and rest of the makeup I did. Because it was a Hindu wedding, we did her makeup again for the reception in the evening, since she had an outfit change.

The bridal party were such a funny and energetic bunch! It was truly a pleasure getting to do their makeup. The experience was laid back and a lot of fun. The bridesmaids wore beige saris with teal blouses. Since most of the girls were little or no-makeup wearers, we opted not to put teal on the eyes. Instead we stuck with neutral metallic shades and a matte navy.

bridesmaid done by me

bridesmaid done by me

bridesmaid done by my assistant Sanaa

bridesmaid done by my assistant Sanaa

For the maid of honor, who’s the brides sister, we went with different colors, but kept it very soft and pretty. Her outfit was completely different than the rest of the bridesmaids, and would also do an outfit change for the reception in the evening. For the ceremony her outfit was silver, blue and green, and in the evening it was lime green. I ended up doing a silver to brown smokey eye, and applied some iridescent glitter on her eyes that reflect blue and green. It was stunning in person, but so hard to photograph!

maid of honor

maid of honor

The bride wanted a look that was very neutral and smokey for the ceremony, as her dress was completely white.

bride – ceremony makeup

bride – ceremony makeup

While I wasn’t able to get a picture of her completely ready with her hair, makeup and outfit, check out how stunning her dress was from the back! You also get a good view of the bridesmaids’ saris.

In this one, you can also see the MOH’s beautiful two-toned sari!

back of bridal gown, with bridesmaids & MOH

Friday was an extremely humid day in NJ, so I was really happy to see the bridesmaids helping the bride get ready for the reception, and see that their makeup stayed put! We made sure the makeup was set really, really well, and it paid off. I was most happy with the bride’s, whose makeup looked exactly as it did when we applied it in the morning. All praise to airbrushing! Her makeup held up beautifully despite all the sweat and tears that day.

I wish I got to take more photos of makeup from that day, but the fact that I was able to get even a few is a big improvement! Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get a picture of the brides finished reception look, as she was already running 1.5 hours behind schedule! I was able to get this shot of her getting her airbrush done – you can get a glimpse of her beautiful blue-green dress. Hoping the professional pics get to me sooner than later!

eye makeup done, getting her airbrush applied by my assistant Sanaa

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