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I can’t believe it’s been 5 months since I got my ombre done! I realize this now, as I will be getting it touched up tonight. I wanted to share with you my new hair routine, which has dramatically changed since getting the ombre done. While the ombre color itself involves little upkeep, the color has turned brassy and my ends have gotten very dry and brittle. I still do love this color treatment, and have found a few products that make maintaining and styling it a breeze!


1 & 2 ) Pantene Color Preserve Volume shampoo & conditioner
I had been using tresemme low sulfate shampoo. While the fewer sulfates were good for protecting my color, I found it just wasn’t adding any life/ body to my hair. I am currently using the Pantene shampoo & conditioner and love it!

3) Biosilk
A long time favorite, I apply a dime size amount all over my towel dried hair, especially concentrating on the ends. Used without heat products, it helps tame the frizzy tendency of my naturally wavy hair. Using it with the blow dryer really makes my hair noticeably more shiny and it smells great! Since you use so little of this product, it takes forever to go through a bottle! When it’s time to repurchase I get it from Costco. You can get a big shampoo sized bottle for $20.

4) Tresemme heat tamer
I quickly realized that color-treated hair needs some extra loving, especially with all the heat styling I do. I apply a quick 3-4 spritz of this to my hair after the biosilk, and again before flat ironing or curling.

5) Remington curling wand
My most favorite hair tool! After getting an ombre, I always liked having my hair gently curled on the ends as it really complimented the gradient of hair color. I’m pretty good with curling my hair with my flat-iron, but it was never as loose and tousled as I wanted. For special occasions I’d go to the salon to get a blow out with curled ends, and I’d easily drop $25+ every time! And sometimes I’d leave looking like Medusa 😦
I got this for less than the price of one salon blow-out and it was one of the best investments I’ve ever made! It took  little getting used to, but I use this now almost every other day. I’ll curl big sections to do loose curls in under 10 minutes for my daily look. For special occasions I’ll spend maybe 20 minutes max really taking the time to curl my hair section by section. And almost every time I do that, people ask me if I got my hair professionally done!
I feel like I’m not doing as much damage as opposed to flat ironing my hair from root to tip like I used to, since I’m basically concentrating this on the ends. And having a curled style is much more forgiving to style and keep throughout the day. As opposed to flat ironed hair, where any bumps are super noticeable, and for me can ‘dent’ around the ears.

The problem with ombre-ed hair is that it ununiformly damages your hair (the ends) so you really have to step up your hair care routine to prevent your ends from turning to straw. At one point my hair felt so dull and straw-like at the ends, but ever since I started doing the following, it’s made a noticeable difference:

• In the shower, concentrate extra conditioner on the ends. Let the conditioner sit on the ends and don’t wash out just until you’re ready to finish your shower.

• Before/after styling, apply extra moisturizing/shine product to the ends. I even apply a little extra Biosilk after I’m done with styling.

• Heat protectant spray is a must on any color-treated hair! Even if your hair isn’t colored, it will keep your hair looking healthy despite using heat tools.

Have any hair products or tools that you love? I’m a total noob to taking care of color treated hair. Prior to my ombre I’d never really had any hair items in my bathroom cabinet, besides my GHD straightener and Biosilk. So I’d love to know what hair products or tools you can’t live with out! I am currently on the market for a great hairspray 🙂

Oh, and in case you missed it on my Facebook page yesterday, check out this hilarious video of this girl with her curling wand 🙂

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