Off to LA!

Happy Friday! I am so very excited to be flying to visit my sister and family in LA today. I am currently at the airport and didnt want to fly off before sharing with you an awesome beauty product that I will be taking with me to try out on my trip!

This stick is actually a bunch of smaller brushes that magnetically stack on top of eachother. Basically move whichever brush head you want to use to the top, and the other brush heads stay nested below to serve as a handle. The magnets are easy enough to move the brushes around, yet strong enough to stay firmly together while being used as a brush handle.


This awesome set of brushes was very generously gifted to me by my younger sister who knew I had been eyeing it for a while. She gave me last week for the Muslim holiday (eid), along with this awesome jewelry!


I’m eager to report back on these brushes. With what a clever idea they are, I have high hopes for them. Do you have any travel beauty products that you love? I’d love to hear your recommendations!

2 thoughts on “Off to LA!

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