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Beauty in Boston

Hi there, and happy Friday! Though I’m not going anywhere for the long weekend, I’m thinking back to last Friday when when I was leaving for Boston. I had a blast visiting my friend Madeeha, and along with my friend Shafa, we basically shopped till we dropped! Check out these random beauty sightings from our shopping outings, including a great deal at Sephora!

Stila palette with all the colors of the rainbow

Boston has a Nordstrom Rack! There, I was able to score this awesome palette for only $25! Check out the jumbo size of the 10 pans!

award-winning brush set @ The Body Shop

Both my friend are obsessed with the Body Shop BB creams. I tried some out, though not enough to give a solid review yet. But while in there, I was intrigued by this brush display. I thought the Body Shop was all about lotions and soaps, and had no idea they had a dedicated makeup line that included an award-winning brush set! The handles are genius because they taper towards the brush head – so the base is super chunky, and flat, so they stand on their own!

Benefit store on Newbury St.

I have never seen stand-alone Benefit cosmetics stores. But lo and behold, we passed one while walking on Newbury Street (which if I remember correctly, is Boston’s equivalent of 5th ave). I’ve only seen their limited product on the gondolas in Sephora and Macy’s, so I would have loved to see what else they have to offer.

Halloween lashes @ CVS!

While we ran in to CVS to stock up on essentials that no girls weekend can do without ( hair dye, peach rings and airheads) I came across these awesome Ardell false lashes. They had half a dozen styles, and were only $6.99. How much fun would these be for Halloween?!

OPI nailpolish 3/$10 at Sephora!

What a deal! My friend Maria had given me the heads up a few weeks back that the OPI polishes at Sephora were 50% off. At 3 for $10, they’re a steal! Me and my friend all grabbed some, but there was a trajedy. Well I just happened to fall in love with a beautiful glitter polish, Traffic Copper Stopper, but they didn’t have any of the actual polish in stock to sell! Don’t you hate when that happens?! (that is my pet peeve at makeup counter/stores!!!).  Fingers crossed that I can find it at another Sephora, because it was the most beautiful rose gold confetti glitter I ever saw. And I compared the swipe of it on my nail to about 15 other rose gold glitters that weren’t quit the same at CVS.

my 3 polishes

I did walk away with some great shades though. L-R: Once a Cheetah, Always a Cheetah (sheer metallic orange infused with lots of gold glitter) I Gotta Blush On You (super soft, almost pastel, pink) Keep Me On My Misteltoes (metallic shade that is inbetween a gold and silver). On my thumb, you can see I’m wearing I Gotta Blush On You. I’m super impressed with how opaque such a light color was, in only 2 coats. I’ve never owned a color this pastel of a pink before, nor an orangey-gold such as the first polish. I am excited that the 3rd polish  might be a dupe for a favorite Revlon nailpolish that was limited edition, called Gold Coin.

Boston selfie!

I had to include a selfie to show you my look from the night we went out, though the yellow lighting didn’t help this pic!

Hope you all have a great Labor Day weekend!

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