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TGIF tip #22 – a winged liner video tutorial!

Hi folks! Happy Friday – I am so excited to post my first video tutorial. It’s only my first one, so please go easy on me. (I recorded with one hand and applied liner with the other!)

Earlier this week I raved about, and giveaway my new favorite liquid liner – Wet ‘n Wild’s MegaLiner liquid liner. You can read more about my review and why I love it here Well let’s say you’ve gone out and bought it, or haven’t because you’re daunted by liquid eyeliner application. While it may be tricky at first, here’s my TGIF tip that with a little practice, will very quickly make perfect!

“For a perfect winged liner, apply the liner in 3 parts instead of one continuous line.”

See the tutorial and breakdown below!

1) Start in the center of the eye, and pull out to where you want to make your wing. You’ll see I used small strokes to get it just right.

2) From the end of your eye, make a line to connect to the tip of the wing you drew in step 1. Next, fill it in.

3)From the inner corner of your eye, draw a line connecting it to the center point from which you started your wing in step 1, and voila!

The eyeliner I used in the video was Wet ‘n Wild’s which has a very comfortable brush to use and long bristles to ease the application, but a different eyeliner may be better for you! Whichever one you do practice it out on, let me know if the technique works for you!

I hope you found this helpful – have a great weekend!

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