Ulta NYX Haul

Hi There!

Super quick post, wanted to share all the NYX goodies I picked up at Ulta over the weekend. They ran a 30 or 40% off promotion, so figured this was my chance to pick up some of their product I’d been meaning to try out.

photo 2-1

In the past I’d only purchased their square shadows, which were of awesome quality. Wanting to venture out, I picked up some MegaShine glosses, retractable lip liners, waterproof pencil liners, a liquid glitter liner, matte shadow, and matte finish setting spray.

photo 1-1

Being that I went when the sale was almost over, they were out of a lot of the colors/products I wanted, but am pretty happy with what I got. Why am I also showing you a Benefit makeup bag? The manager ringing me up was really nice, and threw it in for free, how neat is that?

I’m excited to try these goodies out and report back. Do you have any NYX faves? I’d love to know!

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