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TGIF Tip #23, apartment madness, new iPhone & polish review all-in-one!

Strange that I’m publishing a TGIF tip on Tuesday, I know. But this was originally supposed to go up last Friday, but as I explain later on in this post, life has been so chaotic!

Hi there! This has been an extremely long week, so let’s truly thank god it’s Friday! Today’s TGIF tip is about how to extend the life of your nail polish:

“To keep your polish chip-free, apply a clear top-coat every 2-3 days. You’ll find that you can go over a week without any chips at all!”

Some people even swear by applying top-coat everyday! Personally I feel like that’s more trouble than it’s worth, but if you’re serious about preventing chips, that’s the way to do it!

Life has been extremely stressful lately, and I was stoked to be able to take a breath earlier this week to sit down and paint my nails. I tried out a new color I was so excited to pick up from Duane Reade : NYC’s Fuchsia Glamour. I’ve previously owned only one other NYC brand nail polish, and absolutely love it. I’ll have to look up what the name of that color was, but it was a beautiful metallic burgundy. It dried super opaque, shiny and hard, so here’s hoping this polish lives up to those standards – because I couldn’t pass up such a unique shade.

photo 1

Let me tell you why this color is so unique. It’s two-toned where it looks like an orangey tomato red, but in the light reflects a purplish pink (aptly named Fuchsia Glamour). Check out how different it looks in these 2 photos:

photo 2

tomato red in the shade

photo 3

a hot fuchsia color in the light!

A lot of people confuse magenta and fuchsia (god knows what I went through trying to get my wedding dress made magenta – and in the end it turned out fuchsia ). Fuschsia is a pink that has a blueish purple tint, while magenta is a bit more on the red side. A great vibrant color for the fall, the photos really don’t do it justice – it is truly such an eye-catching color that multiple people have asked me what polish it was. While I love everything about the color, I do wish it was a bit more opaque. I used 2 coats to get what you see in the pictures, but suspect it would’ve benefited from a third.

Some exciting news, you can see freshly polished nails hand-modeling my new iPhone! Having been on my current iPhone 4 (yup 4, not 4s!) for 2 years, this iPhone 5S was a big upgrade.

photo 3-1

You can see I got the gold one, which shows through my cute clear with polkadots case. The gold is truly more champagne than gold, but I still love it! Since 99% of my blog photos are taken on my phone, here’s hoping that the improved camera will yield even better photos on here!

photo 1-1

Checkout this panoramic shot of my apt. This is one of the cool new features I’m excited to use!

photo 4-1

And also illustrates why my schedule and stress levels have been out of whack lately. Although we absolutely love our place, we found out my rent has increased by mucho dinero (8% on top of already high rent), so have been on an insane apartment hunt! Literally every night we’re seeing apartments. In our neighborhood, just outside of it, even one in another city. We have to let our building know by next week whether we are staying or going, so that’s why all this craziness. The research, the phone calls, the paperwork, the viewings… and because we haven’t let our building know yet, our current apartment is also being shown to potential tenants. (Yeah, our building is super aggressive.)

So yeah, again, incredibly stressful on top of both me and my husband being sick, crazy work loads at our jobs, yadda yadda. It seems everything just had to happen at once! We have to be finalized by Halloween, so hopefully only 2 days of the madness left to go! Please keep your fingers crossed that all goes well.

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