Urban Decay’s massive holiday collections

For those of you that were going to put an Urban Decay Vice Palette on your holiday wish list, or perhaps were holding out to see if they might release a Naked 3 Palette – you are now encouraged you to reach a little higher.

Hubba, hubba.

Have you ever seen such a good looking eyeshadow set?! We’ll urban decay has done it – releasing this 68 eyeshadow set that includes every shadow in their collection. Though many companies have released large shadow sets (Lorac had a great set of 12 full sized shadows, called ‘Dazzling Dozen’ over the summer for $35), I have never ever seen an entire line’s collection sold as one. This magnum opus is definitely any makeup artist or makeup collectors dream.

Come to momma!

Because the set includes only 9 matte shades, I would see this appealing to makeup collectors more than makeup artists.  I remember before working at Mac, I never knew how many makeup collectors were out there that would call way in advance to reserve special limited edition products! But at the hefty price tag of $595 I wonder how many people would actually be willing to shell out the dough for this. It is a good deal, as it breaks down to under $9 an eyeshadow (which normally retail for $18 each). I for one certainly would be jumping for joy if this showed up at my door.

In case this doesn’t satiate your appetite for complete sets, or perhaps your makeup budget doesn’t allow for a $595 splurge, how about the accompanying eyepencil set? At a mere $300, this includes all 40 (including 13 new) shades of their celebrated 24/7 eye pencils.


How many of you will be putting one of these on your holiday wish lists?

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