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Fall Nails

Fall is definitely in full swing! We are now in November, and have even turned the clocks back an hour for daylight savings. With dark, deep shades being in trend for the season, figured it was my chance to step out of my comfort zone and try a color I’ve never worn before. I went with OPI’s Germanicure. This is a metallic two-toned crimson red with a very dark base.


This shade appealed to me because despite being super dark (and out of my comfort zone), it reflected a beautiful  crimson color in the light, giving the color a lot of depth and richness than let’s say a matte dark maroon would have.

Look how brilliant it looks right under the light!

Look how brilliant it looks right under the light!

The polish applied uniform and fully opaque in just 2 coats. The finish was smooth and very shiny. The only qualm I had with it was… that it looks brown most of the time.


While it looks beautiful in the light, the rest of the time it looks like a chocolate brown. It’s just such a deep maroon shade reflected on a black base. The reason why this is an issue for me is because it looks like such an awesome shade in the bottle!! And, brown is my least favorite shade of nail polish  (I would wear ANY shade of nail polish over brown), so wearing this shade is definitely taking some getting used to.


chocolatey brown in the shade

Have you ever been disappointed by how different nail polish looks in the bottle vs on the nail? While I do wish it had more of a bright red base so it wouldn’t look so brown, it is slowly growing on me. What do you think?


Don’t forget last Friday’s TGIF tip on how to keep your manicure chip free. Another great thing to use in your manicure is OPI’s ridge filler. It applies clear and matte, looking almost like frosty plastic. It does what it says, and just smoothes out the ridges in the nail, giving your polish an even base to go on. The smoothed texture of the nail is definitely noticeable when using such a shiny polish as German-icure.


yup, it’s applied on my nails

Have you ever used a ridge filler? Can you recommend any others? Let me know!


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