Hunger Games – Covergirl is Catching Fire

I know I’m a little late to writing about this, but I figured with the long weekend having passed, many of you may have seen Catching Fire – did you?! I was lucky enough to get tickets to watch the first show on Thursday night 8pm (technically the day before the movie opened) with my sister in law. How AMAZING was the movie. I know that not everyone is a die hard Hunger Games fan, but even if you haven’t read the books – I am fairly certain this movie will do great with a majority of movie audiences. Definitely stands on it own.

So for those of us book geeks who loved the series – have you heard about Cover Girl’s Capitol Collection?! How freaking cool. I came across the display at Walmart yesterday.


Cover Girl has actually curated makeup looks for each of the districts, and put together facecharts/tutorials for the looks. I think it was pure genius to collaborate with the movie on this.. and I think the tutorials will serve the public really well next Halloween, or for a HG themed party! Click here to access them.

Though I have yet to try the products themselves, they look really fun. I like the flamed out mascara packaging, as it’s very ‘girl on fire’. The shadows on the right side of the fixture are super bright, I wonder if they’re actually that pigmented? Has anyone gotten their hands on products from this collection? I’d love to know what you think!

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