Naked 3 in-store today

Hello! Today marks the day that Naked3 is finally available in stores! I am vacationing in California right now, but if I had been at work I’d be very curious to see whether Macy’s and Sephora on my street had lines formed before the store opens!


While I personally will not be running out to get one myself, I know many of you may be interested so wanted to pass it along. Some of you may have already ordered and hopefully received from Urban Decay or Sephora. But in case you were on the fence about it, you can head over to a store and play with it to see if it’s worth picking up. We all know the Naked palettes have a cult following. But with primarily rose gold-toned shades, I feel that this palette isn’t quite as versatile as the first 2. (I do however love Urban products, check out my post on some great freebies I got with my purchase last week.) In case you do want it, but don’t want to bother schlepping to a store and have it sold out, it is currently in stock at Macy’s. It also comes with free shipping, and a cute gift with purchase that includes a mini eye primer and bb cream. It is currently sold out at

I’d love to know what you think if you’re able to check it out in person, or your thoughts in general by what you see online. Do you think Urban Decay has another hit in its hands?

While in Los Angeles, yesterday I was able to catch an Extra TV segment being taped. Not only did we get to see Mario Lopez and Maria Menounos in person, we also got to be in the audience and saw ourselves on tv last night! In this shot of the tv, you can see me and my husband in the bottom left corner. So much fun!


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