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TOP 10 of 2013


Please excuse the state of my products! The Urban Eden primer has been through alot in my makeup bag, and the lashes are my used ones.. since they are out of stock everywhere!

Hi there!

I can’t believe it’s already February, and January flew by without me writing a single post! Things were crazy, as I left my job and am still settling into my new one!
I meant to post this about 2-3 weeks back as my first post to kick of the new year. Better late than never, here are my top 10 products of 2013.
Though not all these products may  have been new in 2013, they were all new to me!
Since I’ve purchased this, it’s saved me hundreds of dollars from salon visits. Each time I went to salon cost me $25-35 for a blowout with curled ends. This baby only cost $25 and is SO easy to use, even though I never owned a curling iron before. Click here to read my post that includes this in my ombre haircare routine:
This kit is another item that has saved me from trips to the salon. In about 15 minutes, this gives a salon quality gel manicure that lasts about 3 weeks. The system is compatible with any other LED gel polishes, and you can get it for a great deal at Costco! Full review and step-by-step instructions to come in a separate post.
Skin care
This may be the most useful item to me on this list. Between flying somewhere 2-3 times a year and frequently spending the night visiting my parents or inlaws, my overnight bag is NEVER without these. Unlike your conventional makeup removing wipes, these wipes are GENIUS because they are dry but suds up when moistened with water. No more residue left over from makeup wipes and goodbye leaked face wash! For full details on this, read my post here
Makeup: tools & accessories
These are my go to lashes for most looks. I love the way these look and that I never have to trim the band. I promise you, these are the most inexpensive (yet high quality) lashes you’ll ever find. At $9 for a 4 pack, they are a steal. My only pet peeve is they are sold only at Walmart in-store and are forever out of stock!
This is another item I’ve only been able to find at walmart. However this is always in stock! I used to use only duo brand glue for 7 years – until I found this. The wand applicator means there’s no waste compared to squeezing out too much duo and applying with a q-tip. Keep an eye out for the full review to come!
This geniusly designed product consists of full sized brush heads that magnetically stack together. Imagine, a brush set that doesn’t take up much space, with a full sized handle! You can read my post here to see how they stack together!
Makeup: color
7) Wet n wild MegaLiner (in black)
photo 3
This drugstore gem is one of my most valuable finds of 2013 since it’s something I use on a daily basis. Personally this wears better on my oily eyelids than any liquid liner I’ve found. In addition to it lasting 14 hour days, you can read up on more details in my full review here:
I’ve probably been using Urban’s primer potion for 9 years off and on. Previously the Sin color was my favorite, but now this is! Being completely matte, I’ve found this to be the most staying power on my oily eyelids. A full review is to come, and I’ll compare it with the other formulas.
This corrector is an amazing product that works with most skin tones. Applied alone it neutralizes dark circles, and used under concealer it makes them completely disappear. Keep an eye out for my full review to come, showing you why this is a staple in my makeup kit.
This drugstore blush can hold its own against any more expensive one. At $9 it’s on the higher range of drugstore makeup, but with a beautiful range of colors, smooth application and excellent pigmentation – what more could you want? A full review is to come. PS-  If you are looking for a dupe to Nars’ Orgasm, the color Luminoso is a dead on match. You can see how it looks on in the post I did here

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