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TGIF tip #25

Hi there, and Happy Friday! Wow, this is my first TGIF tip in 3 months. Sorry I haven’t been able to keep up on them regularly. Let me know if you actually find these tips helpful! Today’s tip is about the proper way to place/apply your foundation.

“Always apply foundation from the center of your face outward – it’s where you have the most pores, so it needs the most coverage and absorbs the most product”.

Start by placing product on your nose, both cheeks to the immediate left and right sides of your nose and in between your eyebrows. Blend the product out from there – from in between your eyebrows up to your forehead, from the sides of your nose out towards your ears, you get the idea. Apply extra product where necessary by squeezing out tiny amounts onto your brush.

If you’ve ever applied foundation by starting out on your forehead, cheeks, upperlip, jawline.. you know it feels like the product just won’t spread out evenly and looks caked on in that one area. The steps mentioned above prevent that from happening. Also, it keeps you from wasting product – you really don’t need foundation over every inch of your face on a daily basis. This way your foundation coverage is heavier in the center (where most of your problem areas are and you need it the most), and sheer as you get to the edges.

For a tip on how to make a heavier coverage foundation more versatile for daily wear, check out this older TGIF tip!

In case you need a recommendation for a great foundation and foundation brush, check out my post from yesterday.

Let me know if you try this, and how it works out! Have a great weekend!

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