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ELF flawless concealer brush review

Hi there! If you enjoyed my post last week about the Elf stippling brush, here’s another Elf brush review!

ELF flawless concealer brush, $3

ELF flawless concealer brush, $3

I bought this the same time I bought the stippling brush, as this particular walmart had a really well stocked display. This ELF studio concealer brush retails for a measly $3. What drew me to it was how dense and fluffy its bristles were. Such dense fluffy bristles are rare to find on this sized brush, and I knew the synthetic bristles would make it really versatile.
The fluffy head makes this a great brush for blending, but the stiff synthetic bristles gives you a lot of control for placement, too. As its name states, this would be a great brush for concealer – especially if you have lines around your eyes and need a brush that can really get into the lines. I actually bought it to use for contouring – I love the way this fits into the hollow of my cheek with liquid or powder contour.


This brush can place product precisely AND flawlessly blend it out!

This can also work great as an eyeshadow brush. It’s too big for crease blending, but is great for packing color into the lid. -4
You can see the size in comparison to my eye, but to show you from another angle so you can see just how fluffy it really is, check out its profile compared to my thumb:
This brush certainly compares to my high end ones, and at the price of $3 it’s ridiculous! The closest brush I have that compares to this is my Sephora brand Pro Concealer brush which is $24! While the Sephora bristles are just as soft, the difference is that it has shorter, denser bristles which yield a more precise application.

The Sephora Pro Concealer brush is 8x the price of the ELF brush, at $24!

I’ve been using it for about a month now and am loving it so far. Update on the stippling brush I reviewed. The brush head is still great, no bristles separating or falling out, but it seems to have separated from the handle! I’m sure I could easily glue it back on, but I actually like how easily it fits into my makeup bag now 😆. Will let you know if the same happens to this concealer brush!


Have you tried any ELF brushes? Would love to know which ones you love or hate! I actually have a few of them, let me know if you’d like to see a post on that!

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