This blog:
Professional makeup-artist servicing the tri-state area. Stoked to start blogging to share all my knowledge and other cool info with a larger group of people!

I am a MAC makeup artist with over 5 years of wedding makeup experience, and part of a beauty team that specializes in South Asian weddings. I have done all sorts of makeup looks including wedding, natural ‘no makeup’, party, photo-shoot and am proficient in makeup instruction, false lash application and airbrush.

I was a fine arts major in undergrad and was intrigued with makeup as an artistic medium: its ability to inspire, reinvent & transform.

I was lucky enough to be trained by major beauty brands while at Sephora, including Urban Decay, Nars, Smashbox, Too Faced, Bare Minerals, Sue Devitt, Cargo, LOLA, Paula Dorf and Benefit, just to name a few. I learned as much as I could, and as my artistry strengthened, I graduated to doing bridal & photoshoot makeup. I left Sephora to work at MAC, where I worked throughout college. After graduating, I started my career as a graphic designer, but continued to pursue my passion for makeup as a freelance makeup artist for MAC, traveling between different locations for special events. I continue freelancing for MAC on the weekends, and am available to do bridal/any kind of makeup for private clients.

As a trained fine artist, I have an eye for color that I incorporate into every makeup look. I am proficient in both natural and dramatic looks, though my motto for bridal makeup is that the bride shouldn’t look like a different person on her wedding day. Rather, she should look like the best version of herself!

I am eager to provide makeup services for your next event – please don’t hesitate to contact me!

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